MAX10 FPGA board
by Kamami

The heart of the maXimator board is MAX10 FPGA supported by free Altera Quartus Prime.

The maXimator starter board set includes all you need for rapid FPGA development: the starter board with MAX10 FPGA, USB programmer (USB Blaster compatible) and multi-function shield.

The maXimator board is easy to expand with Arudino Uno R3 style connectors and free IP core libraries from Altera, available as a part of Quartus Prime software.

EBV Semicon NCAB


Altera MAX10 FPGA

8 k Logic Elements, 378 kb RAM user memory, internal user Flash, built-in Flash configurator, 16ch ADC, 2 PLLs

Enpirion DC/DC Converters

Three programmable 800mA PowerSoC DC/DC converters for 1,2/2,5/3,3VDC power rails: EP5388QI from Altera Enpirion family

USB power supply

External 5VDC power supply with MicroUSB connector, polimer fuse and LED signalling on board

VGA and HDMI graphics

Digital video HDMI connector with DDC and CEC channels, analog 3-bit VGA with H-sync/V-sync and DB15 connector

Arduino UNO Rev 3 style connectors

16 digital GPIO lines, additional 6 GPIO lines with 0-2.5VDC voltage limiters

5V logic levels compatibility

16 fast (up to 60 Mbps), bidirectional, convenient level converters 3,3/5VDC based on modern integrated translators TXS0108

6 high resolution ADC inputs

6 ADC channels 0-2.5VDC with 1MHz sampling

Basic peripherals on-board

4 LEDs, analog potentiometer, socket for USB/UART converter, CLK generator, MicroSD socket, GND terminal


User manual


On-board GPIO map

Gerber files

MAX 10 FPGA Device Overview

USB-Blaster Download Cable User Guide

Altera Quartus Prime Lite (free edition)

Altera Quartus Prime Design Suite

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